How are chefs and restaurant owners developing the competitiveness of their food concepts in Kuwait? How does innovation happen in the local F&B scene? Hear more in this Kilmitain panel discussion featuring:

– Faisal Al-Nashmi: Co-owner and Executive Chef of AlMakan

– Fajer Hayat: Business Development Director at Prepline

– Radhiya Al-Amiri: Lead Dietician at Numou

Kilmitain 2.0 is in collaboration with Zain Kuwait and hosted at Zinc, Zain's innovation center.

About Kilmitain

Kilmitain is a series of cultural, societal, and educational talks launched by Khaleejesque in April 2017. The talks feature a panel of creative professionals and industry experts and is an outlet to discuss thought-provoking ideas in an informal setting.