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Amazing Facts And Urdu History And Documentary About Video Turkey
**************************************************************************All my friends who watched the shani TV show from me were helpless
In this video, we will visit you in this video of this day, a country located in Asia, which is also known as the Islamic countries, yes speaking in friends. Turkey's friends Turkey Turkey is the country that always raised its voice against the oppression of the Muslims. Friends in recent Burma, oppression of Muslims and massacres on any other country did not raise their voice as much as What Turkey did and proved that development is a true brave and honest country, before going to the true and honest country tour Please report again to the incoming friends that do not forget to compare the bull icon as well as subscribing to our current channel content TV on YouTube so that all the information videos do not miss you
Turkey. Whose full name is Republic of Turkey or also the Turkmen Republic. It is an Eurasia country spread across the island of Anatolia, southwestern Asia and the Balkan region of South Eastern Europe.
Turkey borders are from eight countries, in the northwest of Bulgaria, Greece in the west, Georgia (Georgia) in the east, Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan in the Middle East, Nakhchwan and the east of Iraq and Syria
The car's drive in Turkey is from the right. Turkey's national language is a trumpet. Oil wrestling, namely, the greasy boat is Turkey's national game. Gray wolf is Turkey's national beast. Tulip is the national flower of Turkey. Dimije is the Turkish national dress. Bald Eagle is the Turkish national bird. And Turkey's domain semi-tr. Turkey's calling code is 90+ and Turkey has two hours behind Turkey.
If you were a friend, Turkey was about to visit a video based on tourism and information about the fact that you liked it, share this video with your friends and subscribe to our channel. Then, with the same informative video, God's Messenger for ever.
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